Saturday, December 24, 2011

jadual exam

hello anda semua.ngehngeh.lama aku tak blogging.malas lorh nak busy.ok again same reason mcm previous entry.muak tak tak ain syahirah! hahaha

final exam around the corner and tak sangka my semester 3 will end soon.time went by very fast and never realized about that.guess what guys??? my jadual exam is super horrible taw tak!!! sumpahhhhh scary sangat.hahaha

10/1 - hrm533(9-12), mkt 534(2.15-5.15)
12/1 - mkt 544(9-12)
14/1 - mkt 533(9-12),mkt 540(2.15-5.15)

see i told u already.horrible gap at all.3 days with 5 papers.mcm exam spm pulak paper pagi petang so i need to put more effort on this!

p/s : sayasayangcintasepenuhjiwaragaUITMsebabjadualexamsemnehmacamHAREMMM!!

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