Thursday, December 29, 2011

wishlist 2012

hey peeps.two days left before 2012 so wishlist 2011 korang dah tercapai.ME?? emm actually aku lupa apa wishlist 2011 aku.bahaha,then tiba2 nak wishlist 2012.confirm hujung tahun 2012 dah lupa.everyone mesti ada impian in 2012 kannnn.yela every person have different what is my wishlist.emmm let's check it out

1. simpan duit utk kahwin.ok tuh TIPU.means 2012 kena berjimat and jgn boros.
2. menjadi muslimah sejati.i need to change a better person.ingat Allah selalu and jgn sesekali lupa pada Allah
3. become more matured and independent.yesss! next year i turn to 23 so i need to change this behavior!
4. have a boyfriend after 2 years single.perhap.hikhik
5. hope COCOLATTE terus maju because this is my dream a few years ago

tuh je kot wishlist nye.byk actually tapi tak terkeluar dari otak neh.mmg la sebab nye time tgh study sempat lg update blog kan.hikhik.ok sambung study now!

keep smiling
luv ain

Monday, December 26, 2011


hey peeps.2011 will end soon.just counting days.this year have soooo many things happen in my life.bad and just a same.but what i can this year i turn to 22.every year i become old.sigh! the most part i hate but i'm very grateful and alhamdulillah i'm still alive.actually i just cannot memorized all those things(almaklum lah 22 kannn). in 2011 i have great live with surrounding by a wonderful family and friends. every day we appreciate each other.ehee.. oh 2011 i'm still single.what the?? but its ok.aku tak rushing sangat pun nak ada boyfriend kan.i'm still young ok.hahaha. taknak la couple then break .thats waste my time and my love also.learn from previous mistake kan.the bad thing is my classmate meninggal sehari sebelum really sad because it suddenly happend.alfatihah for izzati maliki.actually aku tak tahu nak membebel apa sebab skrg neh aku take a break from study.penat derrr pandang buku je.maybe next entry aku nak buat wishlist for 2012.oh yeahh!!!!

kfinethankyouwelcomecomeagain .new word for me.neh angkara pakcik S la ajar.hahaha

keep smiling
luv ain